About us

Corporate profile:

We guarantee speed, integrity and security in the purchase of agricultural production and payment.

Daniger04 ltd. is one of the leading companies engaged in the purchase and distribution of flour, wheat, maize, barley, sunflower, rapeseed and other specialized grain classes.

We offer a high level of business, provide excellent communication and stability in the relations with clients. Honesty, high quality, competitive prices and excellent service are the factors on which we have relied for our development. We have offices in Sofia and Pleven but we operate in all agricultural regions in the Balkan Region.


• Loyalty - the loyalty to our clients and partners is the reason for our long-term development;
• Integrity - integrity guides us in every endeavour;

• Dedication - our commitment is directly related to how we build and maintain relationships with partners and clients;
• Sustainability - our priority is the long-term cooperation and stability in the relationship with our clients;
• Professionalism - we act professionally in every aspect of our work.


Due to the rapidly growing world population and rising urbanization, the role that agricultural companies perform, will become increasingly more important.

Our goal is to become one of the worlds leading agricultural marketers, and our mission is to facilitate the movement of goods from regions with surplus to areas with shortage of crops.