How Russian wheat became stronger than the
How Russian wheat became stronger than the "Kalashnikov"
10 February, 2017
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We broke the record for production of wheat from 1980

A record amount of wheat in 1980 was harvested this summer in Bulgaria - 5.64 mln. Tons. This was announced by Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva after a meeting of the Advisory Board Grains forward "club Z".

According to official data, the strongest year for grain were in 2013 - 5.5 mln. Tons in 1989 - 5.4 mln. Tonnes and 2014 - to 5.35 mln. Tons.

The average yield for the country is 494 kg / ha, which is 9% more than last year. Highest Achievers traditionally recorded in Dobrudzha farmers. In Silistra average yield is 568 kg / ha in Dobrich - 563 kg / ha in Razgrad - 556 kg / ha, complemented by a "club Z"

The areas where wheat is grown, also increased year - by 3% to 11.4 million. Ha.Grain quality also rises and 44% of the total yield was very good baking characteristics.

Stocks of wheat with stocks last year reached 6.06 mln. Tons. Of these, just over 1 million. Tons have already been exported. For consumption and feed in the country will reach 2 mln. Tons. And the rest over 3 mln. T remain trading in the coming months”, said Taneva.

The bad news is grain - wheat price is 15% lower than last summer. According to the ministry to August 19 the average purchase price of bread wheat is 293 lev / t, and the feed - 273 lev / t.

"Bread crisis will be. Bulgaria produces very large amounts of wheat. Our actions in the coming months will be to reduce VAT on the sale of bread, "said Mariana Kukusheva, Chairman of the National Branch Union of Bakers and Confectioners, quoted by" club Z "